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Children of the Mekong's Photo Exhibition -ASIA: Light, Hope, and Dynamism- as a Part of Le French M

Updated: May 12, 2019

Kumiko will be participating in a photo exhibition with few sculptures and mixed medium pieces by Children of the Mekong as a part of Le French May 2018.  She selected three pictures including, Kaleidoscope of Hopes, This & That, and Into the Innermost to express the theme of the show: light, hope, and dynamism, and donated them to the exhibition.  It is a unique exhibition featuring 23 established and up-and-coming photographers and artists from France, Australia, and Japan.  It is curated and organized by several resourceful French women.  All the proceeds will help poor children in the Mekong river areas.  It is her first time to experience predominantly French atmosphere.  She is greatly impressed by French way of planning and coordinating an exhibition also their utmost professionalism. 

There are many beautiful photos and artworks at the show in addition to Kumiko's own work.  Looking very much forward to seeing many of you there!

Duration: May 30th ~ June 4th

Venue: Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, 7A Kennedy Road, Central

Time: 10am~9pm

Opening: 6~8:30pm on May 30th

Closing Party: 2~6pm on June 3rd

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