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Hong Kong Colours 2021!

Kumiko spent 5 months in Singapore in 2020. COVID-19, intensive study at Lasalle College of the Arts, and a lot of rain made her miss Hong Kong greatly! Once she returned to Hong Kong and completed the 3-week-quarantine on February the 5th, she immediately started her new series of photographs called, "Hong Kong Colours 2021." Coincidentally, her new home was a serviced apartment in Wanchai which is full of traditional HK culture, architecture, and foods, as opposed to Mid Levels which is an area for foreigners and expats where she lived all through her 10 and a half years of stay in Hong Kong. She realized how beautiful and colorful Hong Kong is. She used i-phone for this series so that she was able not to miss shutter chance whenever she encountered with an attractive building, vehicle, people, or a scene. And she chose the square format rather than rectangular one, since she posted photos first on Instagram and made it to be posted on Facebook by connecting them. One picture a day was posted both on Instagram and FB, ended up in 51 photos in total. The series drew enthusiastic response from friends and her followers on Instagram. Kumiko will begin the next series, "Singapore Colours" soon!

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