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K  U  M  I  K  O
Photography, 3D, Painting, Collage, Mixed Medium
Penang Colors, Digital Photograph, 2016

Penang Rainbow
Digital Photograph, 2016

New York Colors
Manila Colors
Hong Kong Colours

Arrival of Series, "Hong Kong Colours"

I spent 5 months in Singapore in 2020.  I was extremely busy studying and art making at Lasalle College of the Arts Graduate Program.  I couldn't go out even to a tourist spot in Singapore.  That was when I missed Hong Kong so much and started realizing how colorful and beautiful Hong Kong is.  I started this series, "Hong Kong Colours."  There was another coincidence.  I lived all through 10 and a half years in Mid Levels which is a place for expats.  My husband and I were supposed to move to Singapore initially so that we moved out of our 4-bedroom-apartment in August 2020.  I had to go back to Hong Kong in January 2021 due to my family issue.  My new home was a serviced apartment in Wan chai where my husband was living alone since we moved out of our large apartment.  For the first time ever, I started seeing fabulous local culture and people's lives in Wan Chai.  I was really fascinated by this.  The real and deep Hong Kong was there.  I used i-phone as a camera, since as you know, the i-phone camera went through such an amazing advancement in recent years.  By using iphone as a camera, I was able not to miss "shutter chance." Format wise, I had most pictures in this series, square rather than rectangular, because I posted these photos first on Instagram and then on Facebook by connecting Instagram and Facebook.  I posted one picture a day in the period starting on February the 5th right after the completion of the 3-week-quarantine till April the 23rd, right before departure to Singapore.  It was my first time to make a post everyday either on Instagram or Facebook.  And I ended up posting as many as 51 pictures without any breaks, which was quite an achievement if I say so myself.  I also appreciate that quite a few people gave me positive comments and suggestions about my photographs. 

Postcard, "Hong Kong Colours 2021" Available

I chose 12 photos out of this series, designed a postcard in A5 size, had them printed out.  If you are interested, please send me an email on Contact page.

Photography Tours In and Around Hong Kong

In 2 and a half months since I came back to Hong Kong until I finally moved to Singapore, I had more experiences taking serious digital SLR photographs using Sony alpha7III and was able to deepen my knowledge about digital photography and photo editing using Lightroom Classic.  I appreciate my photography friends for inviting me to this group and enjoyed outings with those talented ladies.