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K  U  M  I  K  O
Photography, 3D, Painting, Collage, Mixed Medium

"Khmer Sunset" Won “SeaScapes” 2018 Art Exhibition, Special Recognition Award by the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery in

December 2018!

Khmer Sunset 2014


"Symphony of Lights I" Won "Landscapes Art Exhibition"Award by Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery in Special Recognition Category in June 2018!

Symphony of Lights I
Symphony of Lights I, 2018

Children of the Mekong's Photo Exhibition

-ASIA: Light, Hope, and Dynamism-

as a Part of Le French May!

Kaleidoscope of Hopes

Into the Innermost

This & That

Kumiko will be participating in a photo exhibition with few sculptures and mixed medium pieces by Children of the Mekong as a part of Le French May 2018.  She selected three pictures including, Kaleidoscope of Hopes, This & That, and Into the Innermost to express the theme of the show: light, hope, and dynamism, and donated them to the exhibition.  It is a unique exhibition featuring 23 established and up-and-coming photographers and artists from France, Australia, and Japan.  It is curated and organized by several resourceful French women.  All the proceeds will help poor children in the Mekong river areas.  It is her first time to experience predominantly French atmosphere.  She is greatly impressed by French way of planning and coordinating an exhibition also their utmost professionalism. 

There are many beautiful photos and artworks at the show in addition to Kumiko's own work.  Looking very much forward to seeing many of you there!


Duration: May 30th ~ June 4th

Venue: Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, 7A Kennedy Road, Central

Time: 10am~9pm

Opening: 6~8:30pm on May 30th

Closing Party: 2~6pm on June 3rd

AWA Art On the Line

Mar. 1st, 2018

Kumiko took part in AWA Art On the Line 2018 for her 3rd time.  She donated Libertee, Egalite, and Fraternitee II, Flame in Wanchai, and Big Ben and Ben.  Luckily, all three of them found a new home.  The new owner's name was similar to the actor, Hue Jackman so that Kumiko went through an enjoyable euphoria for few days:-)

Kumiko's "Timeless Square”

Won "City Scapes" 2018 Art Exhibition Award

in the Special Merit Category!

"City scapes" 2018 Art Exhibition Award is organized by an on-line art gallery, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.

"Timeless Square" will be shown on its website for 30 days until the end of February! 

Here is the link:

The new year 2018 has already delivered an amazingly good news to Kumiko, although 2017 was a tough year for her personally. 

She is thankful a great deal especially because this was her first challenge. 

Tokyo International Art Fair May 13th & 14th, 2016

Kumiko showed 2 of her works at Tokyo International Art Fair on May 13th and 14th at Omotesando Hills in Harajuku.  It was her first participation in an art fair and she learnt a lot including choices as to where to show and how to show.  The digital screen showing was her choice, but the color reproduction was not great.  It has become her challenge from now on.  However, visitors included total strangers so that she realized the importance of exposure.  Thank you very much to those who came to see the show!

Open Studio on SICD Day on Mar. 24, 2016

Kumiko opened her studio in Wong Chuk Hang as a member of South Island Cultural District(SICD) founded by the owner of Art Statement Gallery, Mr. Dominique Perregaux.  SICD Day was organised as one of events at the time of Art Basel Hong Kong.  Unfortunately torrential rain attacked us on the day, and only few people visited our galleries and studios.  However fortunately I was visited by a local magazine, "U Magazine" asking me for interview.  Also Kumiko held a mini exhibition of her works at her studio for a week beginning on Mar. 24th.  Quite a few people came to the show, despite the small space.  


AWA Art On The Line-charity art auction-

on Mar. 10, '2016

Kumiko took part in an all girl charity auction --- Art On The Line --- run by The American Women's Association of Honkg Kong(AWA) as one of featured artists at the fabulous exhibition venue at "The Space" on Hollywood Road for the second time.  She half donated 2 of her photographs, "Liberté, égalité, fraternité I" and "Kaleidoscope of Hopes".  And luckily both of them found new home of her wonderful friends from AWA.  

Liberté, égalité, fraternité I

Liberté, égalité, fraternité I

Kaleidoscope of Hopes

Kaleidoscope of Hopes

Mark your calendar---

 Full of Events happening in 2016!


March 10  Invited to The Charity Art Auction by The American  Women's Association of Hong Kong "Art On the Line- Second Version" as a "Featured Artist" which will be held at "The Space" on Hollywood Road, Hong Kong.  2 of her photos will be silent auctioned.  

Kumiko Opened her own artist studio, "Kumiko M.Art Studio" in Wong Chuk Hang in January and had been invited to South Island Cultural District(SICD). So she joined them and will take part in SICD Day which will take place as a part of Art Basel Hong Kong.


March 24 SICD Day


Kumiko has been invited to Tokyo International Art Fair which is a sister event of the big Tokyo Art Fair.  Her work will be exhibitted at the Fair.  


May 13 & 14 Tokyo International Art Fair at Omotesando Hills,                                    Harajuku, Tokyo



Details will follow.  


Stay tuned!


Took Part in AWA Charity Auction-Art On The Line- with "Bank of China I"

On March 5th, 2015, The American Women's Association of Hong Kong held a charity auction, "Art On The Line" at "The Space" on Hollywood Road celebrating the 40th Anniversary of International Women's Year.

Kumiko donated a photograph, "Hong Kong Night", and it fortunately and happily found a new home. 

As many as 280 art pieces were donated by women artists from all over the world. 

It was such an exciting night. 

Equally exciting was to be able to show her work at one of her favorite gallery spaces in town only after 5 years in Hong Kong. 

Debut in Chelsea, New York at Onishi Project Dec. 11, 2014 - Jan. 10, 2015

Kumiko debuted in a group exhibition at a commercial art gallery, Onishi Project in Chelsea, New York from December 11th, 2014 to January 10, 2015.
Although unfortunately Kumiko was not able to go to New York for this show, it was reported the exhibition ended in a success with many audiences.   


Debut in New York

in summer 2014

Kumiko finalized "Leftside Right-- Shoes on the Wrong Feet--" series which she has been working on since 2012 and exhibited 20 photographs and 12 paintings in New York in summer 2014.  

Its details are as follows:


Duration:   July 3rd to August 16th, 2014

Time:         Thursdays 11-8, Fridays to Wednesdays 11-6, closed on Sundays and  holidays

Reception: July 17th 5-8pm

Venue:       Pratt Manhattan Center fo Continuing and Professional Studies Gallery

                  144 West 14th Street, 2nd Floor (14th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues)

                  New York, NY 10011

"Shoes On the Wrong Feet" Series

Exhibited at AWA Office

Three of "Shoe on the Wrong Feet" series were exhibitied with other 3 member artists' works at the newly opened AWA(The American Women's Association of Hong Kong)'s office in Sheung Wan. 


It is such a beautiful space and luckily Kumiko's pieces fit the entrance wall and the ledge in the meeting room. 


The framing solution she chose for the 2 pictures on the left is "Light Box"!  She found a professional light box in New York this summer. 


The exhibition continues until Christmas time 2013. 




Life Inspired Exhibition Success

Kumiko took part in a group show "Life Inspired Exhibition" with a group of 11 talented artists from Australia, Hong Kong, England, Germany, and Sweden at Hong Kong Visual Arts Center from March 20th to 23rd in 2013 Its opening reception hit the record turnout at the center and the exhibitions received exceptionally positive responses.  Most importantly though, she herself enjoyed a wonderful team work and audience enjoyed the show. 

Participated in

Fotanian Open Studio

Kumiko participated in open studio at her wonderful artist friend, Astrid's at Fotan for the first time.  She had visited several studios few times before.  But this was her very first experience to take part in it as an artist.  Approximately 500 people visited on 3 weekends in January 2013.  In addition to great reviews from audience, she enjoyed her small birthday celebration with her friends coincidentally.  It became her unforgettable memory. 

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