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K  U  M  I  K O
Photography, 3D, Painting, Collage, Mixed Medium
Artist Statement

Ray Bradbury once said,

“We are an impossibility in an impossible world.” 


Yes!  We are amazing!


See the music by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s

“Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia”


Listen to Edward Munch’s “The Scream”


Taste Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine”


Touch and feel Andrei Tarkosky’s “The Mirror” 


Walk and dream Plato’s “Symposium”  


And smell Steve Reich’s “Music for 18 Musicians”. 


You’d fall in love with this impossible world!

​​Life is a voyage in which one seeks self realization. 
Some travel on well-thought-out plans while other follow uncharted paths.  Kumiko first pursued a business career earning an MBA and working in Marketing for multinational corporations.  However she found herself drawn to artistic work, eventually realizing that painting allowed full expression of her creativity and here lay the route to her self realization. 


Everything began with one dream where she saw herself wearing shoes, but on the wrong feet.  The strangeness of the dream prompted her search into man's unconscious.  After extensive reading of books by psychologists and psycho-analists, especially of the Jungian school, and meetings with them, Kumiko changed her career path and started taking photographs and painting under the theme of "Dream". 
Welcome to her colorful world!
Artist's Bio

Born in Tokyo.  Graduated from Waseda University majoring in Economics.  Worked for a record company.  Worked as a freelance journalist.  Moved to California.  Obtained MBA from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.  Product Manager at Cartier Japan.  Worked as an interpreter/translator between Japanese and English including bilingual voice-over for CNN News etc.  Moved to New York City in 1999.  Being inspired by the magical beauty of Manhattan, she started painting one day.  Admitted by Pratt Institute in 2003 majoring in painting.  In 2005, graduated with Highest Honors.  Returned to Japan in the same year, held 2 one-man-shows in Tokyo.  Moved again to Hong Kong in 2009, she  led busy days painting and taking photographs, participating in group shows, and organizing charity art events for the American Women's Association of Hong Kong until July 2020.  Spent 5 months from August 2020 till January 2021 in Singapore studying Art Therapy at Lasalle College of the Arts for 3 months.  Due to a family issue, she returned to Hong Kong mid January, 2021.  In Singapore she was waiting for  her husband to join her in Singapore.  There was a delay on her husband's move to Singapore due to several reasons including the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Finally moved to Singapore with her husband in late April, 2021.  Several one-man and group shows in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  Won several awards on her painting and photographs. 


Exhibitions & Awards

May 29~June 4, '24 Selected to show "Anima Sartre" at International Painting and Caligraphy Awards Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 1F Citizen's Gallery 4, Tokyo, Japan

Mar. 16~19 '24 took part in Lions Club Charity Exhibition at Asian Civilisations Museum

Jan. 22~ Mar. 2 '24 First Solo Show in SG at At Twenty as a part of SAW, Singapore Art Week 

Dec. 12~18 '23 "Kintsugi Bear Flying" Shown in Voice of Art 2 Exhibition at Ion Art Gallery

Sep.1, '23  Became a member of Singapore Women Artists Association(WAA)

Mar. 22~Apr. 15 '23 One-man-show, "HK Colours Plus" at PMQ Arts & Crafts Studio, Hong Kong

Mar. 3~8, '23, "Spring in Ukraine" was shown in a juried group show by BeOne Gallery, Voice of Art 1 at Ion Art Gallery

Dec. 1, '22~ Jan. 9, '23, A juried group show, "A Thousand Words" at library@orchard 

October 20, "Reminiscence" won Finalist Award in "4th Colors" by Art Show International Gallery

October 5, "Rapture" won Honourable Mention Award in "5th Portrait" by Art Show International Gallery

August 5, 2022 "Resilience Head" won Finalist Award in "5th Open" by Art Show International Gallery

July 27 - 29, 2022 Resilience Head Reborn

July - August 2022 Participated in "Future" On line Exhibition

January     2020 "Prayer" won the 3rd Prize Open Division in Art Open-Call for Joy of Art : Irene Chou Response Show by Asia Society Hong Kong

May~June 2019 Children of the Mekong's Photo Exhibition for Le French May

January    2019 "A Day in the Life" Won "All Women" 2019 Art Exhibition, Special Recognition Award by LS&T Gallery

December 2018 "Khmer Sunset" won “SeaScapes” 2018 Art Exhibition, Special Recognition Award by the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

June         2018 "Symphony of Lights I" won "Landscapes Art Exhibition"Award by Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery in Special Recognition Category

May~June 2018 Children of the Mekong's Photo Exhibition for Le French May

March        2018 AWA Charity Auction, "Art On the Line"

February   2018  "Timeless Square" won City Scapes 2018 Art Exhibition Award in the Special Merit Category

May           2016 Tokyo International Art Fair

March        2016 SICD Day

March        2016 AWA Charity Auction, "Art On the Line"

March        2015 A Charity Auction, "Art On the Line"

December 11-24 2014 "Holiday Show" at Onishi Project, Chelsea, New York

July - August 2014 "Leftside Right -- Shoes on the Wrong Feet --" One Man-Show at Pratt Manhattan CCPS Gallery

January      2014 Fotanian Open Studios

September 2013 A Group Show at AWA HK's Office

March         2013 Life Inspired Exhibition at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

January      2013 Fotanian Open Studios

January      2011 Spring Exhibition by Galerie Le Createur at Hong Kong Cultural Centre

September 2008 One-man-show at Cafe Frangipany, Tokyo

January      2008 One-man-show at Katoh Gallery, Tokyo

June           2005 Group Show at Monroe Gallery, New Jersey

April            2005 "Prattatatat!" Pratt Institute Manhattan, New York

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